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Commercial Roofing

Our 60 years experience in home and commercial roofing has developed our ability to navigate the selection process and the options available so we can direct you to the right roofing system for your home or commercial building. We have the experience in roofing systems for every project from homes to massive industrial buildings. Herzog Roofing is insured and certified and we’ll complete the job to the best possible standard.

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Custom Chimney Caps

Though a small addition, it can prove to be a substantial investment in the wellbeing of your chimney and home. They keep rodents out, protect your home damage from weather, and prevent fires inside and outside your home. Herzog Roofing has your back. Click to learn more about their uses, the benefits, and view our gallery of custom chimney caps from satisfied customers.

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Our metal panel team uses industry leading programming software and technology to make certain that each individual panel component is constructed to the distinct parameters of the façade. Our design phase considers various components such as sheet metal flashing and trim colors prior to design finalization and fabrication. The team spends a considerable amount of time focusing on the details of our projects, resulting in accurate, consistent, and exclusive exterior designs.

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Comprehensive Repair and Maintenance

High-quality roofing starts with a team of licensed roofing contractors you can trust. Here at Herzog Roofing Inc., we can clean and inspect your roof, as well as perform any maintenance and repairs that may be needed. We also offer several customized roof maintenance programs to fit your needs and budget. Our wide range of repair and prevention services are created to ensure that your roof investment will be protected for the lifespan of the system.

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