Chimney Caps

Keeps Rodents Out

Wild critters won't hesitate to make your chimney their new home. In most cases, they can get stuck or leave a mess inside your chimney. A chimney cap solves these problems by blocking the point of entry into your home, keeping all unwanted creatures out.

Keeps Your Home Warm

During the winter months, downdrafts can be a major issue for those without a chimney cap. They can affect the temperature of your home, severely hiking up your energy bill. A chimney can keeps your home at a stable temperature all year-round.

Protects Against Weather

Without a chimney cap, rain and snow can easily enter your chimney, leading to costly harm to your home such as moisture damage. A chimney cap can easily prevent this.

Extends Lifetime of Chimney

No one likes to do home repairs, they're expensive and time-consuming. A chimney cap can prolong your chimney's lifespan by up to 40 years, resulting in a highly worthwhile investment.

Save Money

Overall, the costs of not having a chimney cap can far out-weigh the cost of an investment in one. Take this opportunity to save big, and purchase one today, before it's too late.

Before & After


herzog roofing chimney cap before


herzog roofing chimney cap after

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